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Winsor Yellow Watercolor Characteristics & Color Mixing

Winsor Yellow watercolor is a very strong staining semi-transparent yellow that is described as a warm yellow.

But, in Jim Kosvanec’s book Transparent Watercolor Wheel, he includes Winsor Yellow in his group of transparent staining watercolors and describes it as having a cool temperature.

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Actually, a color’s temperature can be shifted from cool to warm and vice versa depending upon what color is placed next to it in a painting composition.

A warm color placed next to Winsor Yellow will make it appear cooler, and a cool color next to it makes appear warmer.


Winsor Yellow is an intense, saturated color that will stain the fibers of the paper it’s applied to, as well as overpower other watercolors it’s mixed with.

It is often used as the first layer of a glaze before other color glazes are applied on watercolor paper.


When color mixing with Winsor Yellow, add it sparingly and gradually to another watercolor until the desired color mixture is reached.

As a transparent staining watercolor, it mixes well with other transparent staining watercolors.

But, it will slightly dull non-staining transparent and semi-transparent watercolors.

All transparent staining watercolors produce a less successive color mixture when mixed with semi-opaque and opaque watercolors which have coarser pigments that will stain and discolor.

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