Color Schemes

Watercolor Schemes Analogous

Watercolor schemes – Analogous is a color scheme using three or four adjacent colors on the color wheel that share the same PRIMARY color. An analogous color scheme is harmonious because of the subtle gradation from one color to the next. Using this scheme creates a strong suggestion of illumination with its changes in value and intensity.

The analogous color scheme can become monotonous. It is best to choose one dominant color and use the remaining analogous colors to accent it. A small amount of a complementary color can also be added for variety and contrast.

Analogous Colors

  • Yellow-Orange, YELLOW, Yellow-Green, Green
  • Blue-Green, BLUE, Blue-Purple, Purple
  • Red-Purple, RED, Red-Orange, Orange

NOTE: Yellow, blue and red are PRIMARY colors.

Complementary Colors for Contrast

  • For the Yellow analogous colors use one of these complements: Blue-Purple, Purple, Red-Purple
  • For the Blue analogous colors use one of these complements: Yellow-Orange, Orange, Red-Orange
  • For the Red analogous colors use one of these complements: Yellow-Green, Green, Blue-Green

For corresponding watercolor paint names for the above see What Watercolors To Buy.


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