Transparent Watercolor

Transparent Yellow Watercolor

Transparent yellow watercolor paint types are either non-staining or staining. In addition, there is a semi-transparent yellow watercolor.

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Transparent Non-Staining Yellow Watercolor Paint


Auerolin contains PY40-Cobalt Yellow pigment. It is a very pure, transparent yellow watercolor.

Transparent Staining Yellow Watercolor Paint


Winsor Yellow contains PY154-Benzimidazolone Yellow pigment. It is a very strong staining transparent yellow watercolor.

In addition to transparent non-staining yellow, there is a semi-transparent yellow watercolor.

Semi-Transparent Non-Staining Yellow Watercolor Paint


New Gamboge contains two pigments: PR209-Quinacridone Red & PY150-Nickel Azo Yellow. It has low tinting strength.

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Yellow Color Scheme

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