Transparent Watercolor

Transparent Green Watercolor

Transparent green watercolor paint types are either non-staining or staining. In addition, there are semi-transparent green watercolors.

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Transparent Non-Staining Green Watercolor Paints


Hooker’s Green contains two pigments: PG36-Phthalo Green & PO49-Quinacridone Gold. Both pigments are transparent. Hooker’s Green is considered a very good alternative to Viridian because the Phthalo Green pigment in it is intense and mixes well. And, the Quinacridone Gold, a transparent yellow-orange pigment, in Hooker’s Green makes it is a warmer green watercolor paint.


Viridian contains PG18-Viridian pigment. It is transparent with an emerald green undertone perfect for glazing. Viridian is a cool, primary green commonly used in landscape painters’ palettes.

Transparent Staining Green Watercolor Paints


Winsor Green comes in two shades: Yellow Shade and Blue Shade. Both paints are very strong staining transparent colors. The Phthalo Green pigment in Winsor Green is a transparent, cool, bright, high-intensity color with a very high tinting strength that can overpower other colors.


Permanent Green No. 1 contains three pigments: PG7-Phthalo Green, PY53-Nickel Titanium Yellow & PY3-Hansa Yellow 10G. The Phthalo Green pigment in Permanent Green No. 1 is a transparent, cool, bright, high-intensity color. The addition of Nickel Titanium Yellow and Hansa Yellow pigments add brightness and transparency to Permanent Green No. 1 watercolor paint.

In addition to transparent non-staining green, there are semi-transparent green watercolors.

Semi-Transparent Non-Staining Green Watercolor Paints


Green Gold contains PY129-Green Gold pigment, a greenish yellow pigment with low tinting strength. It’s a hue reminiscent of the glow of sunlight through leaves.


Sap Green contains three pigments: PR122-Quinacridone Magenta, PG7-Phthalo Green & PY150-Nickel Azo Yellow. Quinacridone Magenta pigment is a semi-transparent and powerful bluish red which gives Sap Green a darker green hue. And, the Nickel Azo Yellow pigment adds warmth, making Sap Green a good color match for botanical and landscape painting.

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