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Aureolin Watercolor Characteristics & Color Mixing

Aureolin watercolor is a pure primary yellow that is moderately transparent with a cool color temperature.

Aureolin watercolor is often used as the first layer of a glaze before other color glazes are applied on watercolor paper.

aureolin watercolor
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Aureolin appears grayed straight from the tube, but when water is added and the thinned paint is applied, the grayish effect disappears.

Aureolin does not overpaint with the same clarity it seems to have as a first wash.


Aureolin mixes well with other transparent and semi-transparent watercolors.

Aureolin mixed with Rose Madder Genuine creates a glowing color substitute for Raw Sienna and Burnt Sienna watercolor.

Aureolin mixed with Winsor Blue creates a vibrant green.

For more interesting greens, mix Aureolin with Viridian or Winsor Green with a touch of Rose Madder Genuine added.

For a lighter, transparent green, mix Aureolin with Cobalt Blue.

Instead of using dull brown colors from the tube, create luminous browns by mixing Aureolin with Rose Madder Genuine and a touch of Viridian or Winsor Green added.

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