Color Wheel

12 Colors on the Color Wheel

Use this Color Wheel page as a resource to find my blog posts about the 12 colors on the color wheel and their color schemes.

Follow the links below to learn the Complementary, Split-Complementary, Analogous and Triadic color schemes and use color mastery for creating captivating paintings in watercolor:

Primary Colors

Aureolin – YELLOW

Winsor Blue – BLUE

Alizarin Crimson – RED

Secondary Colors

Viridian – GREEN

Permanent Mauve – VIOLET

Cadmium Scarlet – ORANGE

Intermediate (Tertiary) Colors

Permanent Green Light – YELLOW-GREEN

Manganese Blue Hue – BLUE-GREEN

Ultramarine Violet – BLUE-VIOLET

Winsor Violet – RED-VIOLET

Cadmium Red Deep – RED-ORANGE

Cadmium Orange – YELLOW-ORANGE