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Cadmium Red Deep

In the past, I used Cadmium Red Deep as the INTERMEDIATE RED-ORANGE on the color wheel because it is a pure color that is perfect for its complementary color listed below. But, now I prefer to use Cadmium-Free Red Deep because Cadmium paints are toxic.

The following color schemes are based on Stephen Quiller’s “Quiller Color Wheel (affiliate link)” and his book “Color Choices: Making Color Sense Out of Color Theory (affiliate link).”


The complementary color sits on the opposite side of the color wheel. For Cadmium-Free Red Deep, the complementary color is:

Manganese Blue Hue
Manganese Blue Hue


The split-complementary colors are the two colors located on either side of the complementary color on the color wheel. The following are the split-complementary colors for Cadmium-Free Red Deep:

Winsor Blue
Winsor Blue (Green Shade)


Going clockwise on the color wheel from RED-ORANGE to YELLOW-ORANGE the analogous colors for Cadmium-Free Red Deep are:

Cadmium Scarlet
Cadmium-Free Scarlet
Cadmium Orange
Cadmium-Free Orange


This Triadic consists of three INTERMEDIATE colors. In addition to Cadmium-Free Red Deep, the other colors that make up this Triadic color scheme are:

Permanent Green Light
Winsor Green (Yellow Shade)
Ultramarine Violet
Ultramarine Violet

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